The Walking Dead and Zombie Dreams

After numerous recommendations from people, we finally decided to watch The Walking Dead. Of course, being a few seasons behind and now the proud owners of a real internet connection, we opted to stream the first two seasons in what turned into a marathon of decaying flesh and emotional drama. [youtube=]

This was something I went into with considerable skepticism. Despite growing up reading and watching horror, I don’t do that well with it and I have grown a bit weary of zombie mania (and vampire mania and…well, paranormal in general). I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.

The things that conquered my skepticism in this series were a healthy dose of good character building and an occasional raw, soul baring glimpse of how horrible such a situation would truly be mixed in with the delightful cornucopia of rotting body parts and flesh banquets inherent to advanced zombiedom. To my surprise, I would recommend this show to most people I know – which is either a positive comment on the show or a dubious statement about the people I know.

There has been an unexpected side effect to all this. After a short period spent marathon watching to catch up with the series, I now have zombies infesting my dreams. Not just occasionally, but almost every night. The story of the dreams change, and the zombies aren’t always integral to the plot, they just show up somewhere in the dream, often in a nighttime street or empty building.

This might sound awful to many people, but, I have to admit, while it is getting a little redundant, it is also kind of fun. Why? Because, in my dreams I am a…


Really. I don’t even get an adrenaline rush when I see them shambling around a corner now. My favorite attack in these dreams is to hurl my kukri knives at them and I never miss a head shot.

Why kukri knives? No clue. Sometimes it is best not to ask and I have chosen to let my mind go its own way on this one. Armed with my odd weapon of choice and, when appropriate, my Mad Max style, zombie plowing armored buggy, I wreak havoc upon the ranks of the undead.

The interesting thing is that, in more recent dreams, new strange beings have appeared that I actually am afraid of. I’ll storm into a mass of zombies with blades blazing, but these creatures chill me to the bone. They also excite me. In them, I sense a story in the making.

Happy zombie slaying!