Dark Hope of the Dragons

Despite appearing to be a throwback to the lost line of Dragonkin, Dephithus has earned the respect and adoration of the people he will one day rule. He has the love of his best friend and longtime sparring partner, Myara. He also has a power inside him that he is unaware of, placed there by the dragons as part of their effort to escape their stone prisons. A power that will draw the attention of a dark rival who also longs for freedom and will do anything to get it.

Raine not only inherited her parents memories, she inherited their enemies as well. With those memories and the help of a dragon trapped in human form, she must learn to survive in a world that is beset by daemons and dark power. The Death Dragon and the leader of the daemon army aren’t going to give her much time to figure things out. One wants her dead, the other wants to use her power. To have a chance at fighting them, she must find the other dragons.

The Endless Chronicles

The Keeper cannot function alone. To fulfill her duty of keeping the spirits of gods and rare demons upon their death she must inhabit the body of another whose awareness is made dormant so the Keeper can maintain control. The original owner of her newest body isn't staying dormant, however, and she's driving the Keeper to question everything she'd been brought to believe about her own existence.

Golden Eyes

Mira wanted to go into politics. She wanted to marry the handsome young warrior, Marikashi. What her family needs is for her to marry well into a strong family. But the needs of her family and her own desires no longer matter when she develops a bond with a gargoyle and unlocks an ancient magic that may be the key to saving the kingdom.

Forbidden Things

Indigo is living a half-life, hiding her power and trapped in a bad engagement because of restrictions placed on her by her country. When she takes a chance, using forbidden magic to help an exotic stranger escape his prison so he can lead a revolution in a neighboring country, she starts down a path toward her freedom and the realization that some things are worth risking everything for.

Clockwork Enterprises

The Clockwork Enterprises series follows the adventures of a young half-Japanese pickpocket named Maeko and her feline companion, Macak, as they navigate the cruel streets of Victorian London, avoiding the Literati police and the rebel Pirates while unraveling the conspiracy behind a series of murders and causing mayhem.