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In Silence Waiting

The New Gobi desert is a dangerous place. The only way to cross with relative safety is with guided caravans using genetically engineered slaves, the cynta, creatures designed to sense the dangers of the desert. When the caravan master is killed partway through the crossing, his shackled cynta finds an unlikely ally among the people of the caravan.

This new ally brings the cynta hope for freedom, but the dangers of the New Gobi stand before them and others in the caravan would rather keep the cynta a slave. The cynta can handle the desert. The threat of continued slavery, however, is one it cannot overcome alone.

Without the ability to speak, the cynta must build a strong enough bond with its new ally to weather the challenges lying ahead.    

Making Monsters

Shai is a girl with nothing in a world run by men. Her parents are gone. She has no lineage to brag about. No future to hope for. Only her brother keeps her safe, but even he isn’t willing to stand up to Kurth, the leader of their little band. Not when it comes to keeping Kurth’s hands of off her and not now, when he should be disputing the older boy’s plans to involve them all in a dangerous heist.

Shai knows the heist would go terribly wrong and, when it does, she is the one to pay the price. Only this time, what promised to be a tragic end brings her together with a woman secretly practicing magic, a craft forbidden to her gender. The encounter will give Shai the strength and freedom she needs to turn the tables on Kurth, but she may have to abandon her humanity to do so.


And They All Look Just The Same

The magician and his apprentice have to eat, but stopping in small poverty-stricken villages is always a last resort. These audiences are hard to please and quick to temper. He'll give this place a try and hope it isn't just the same as all the others.

And They All Look Just the Same is a dark fantasy short story that delves into the sinister power of mob mentality.