The 'Not a Post' Post

This is not really a post. This is me trying to fill in a blank while I busily edit away at the next novel in my lineup. The holidays and life in general put my schedule off something horrible this year. I've finally found my author mojo again. Now I'm editing and trying not to angst over my out of date blog and my broken truck. As an act of charity, you are welcome to send me either a mechanic or someone with a truck who would like to empty my manure trailer. If you would like to engage in a more rewarding act of charity, there's a set of Stormdancer first edition, first printing hardcover, and The Little Stormdancer paperback with bookplate and bookmark signed by the excellent author Jay Kristoff up for bid on eBay (click here). All proceeds go to Worldbuilders in support of Heifer International. The auction ends in less than 4 hours so be quick.


Of course, by mentioning this here, I have guaranteed that my blog will be out of date again by the end of the day.

Ah well. In closing I leave you with a kitteh. Happy writing!