It’s a Kind of Magic

Books truly are a kind of magic. So writing them makes us magicians of a sort. The same magic can be found in many forms of art from the visual arts, like painting and cinema, to music (one of my personal favorites). I am happy today to bring to my blog a fellow writer, Catherine Johnson, who also sees magic all around us. Her blog is a wonderful collection of book reviews, fun stuff, and delightful creativity that I encourage you to visit. Here is Catherine with an enjoyable piece on magic.

Whether you are a writer or a reader, the word magic conjures up all sorts of fun things (pun intended). For some the word magic means a guy in a black cape waving a wand and producing a white rabbit out of his sleeve. For others it may be a guy in a purple cape with stars on waving a wand and turning you into a rabbit. Whatever perception you have, it is likely that you enjoy the image that the word Magic represents.

Read the rest on her blog here. Thanks Catherine

To wrap up, a little song that always comes to mind whenever I talk about magic. Enjoy!